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Free speech and a free press are foundational to the future of a free people and a civil society. Through civil discussion and discovery, each allow for people to learn and better understand the world in effect becoming smarter to make better decisions in their lives and communities.

A fundamental aspect in sustaining liberty and moving towards a more free, moral and ethical society is by creating an informed citizenry. Literacy and education are key to providing the understanding about the world people need in order to make better decisions in their lives and communities and thus greater society itself.

When people are empowered with the information to make good decisions in their lives, they make good decisions in their communities and this is part of building a robust, civil and free society.

ElectedPress is crowd-contested multimedia platform and archive. The platform works to create an informed citizenry by bolstering the influence and plurality of local and independent news and journalism and increase transparency and accountability in the press ecosystem. ElectedPress also works to facilitate civil discussion and debate on important news events and societal matters, promote good journalism as a common practice among the general public and distribute influence and control over news and media narratives to the general public.

Beyond providing a basic platform for self-publishing, ElectedPress will document news events by providing a common place for civil discussion and analysis on current news topics as well as news and media content. This establishes a place where people can post a variety of news sources on a given news story or topic creating a more clear picture on any given news subject and a place where people know they can find the full story in order to reach the truth independently for themselves.

The platform provides profiles for news publishers to feature their code of ethics and methodologies revealing their commitment as trustworthy news publishers. It will also create profiles on private organizations and civil institutions providing a common place for the public to post feedback and news which works to hold these organizations accountable to their stated missions and methodologies as well as act as a place to expose conflicts of interest.

ElectedPress works to increase the quality of discussions through literacy and introduction to various concepts in critical thinking such as common fallacies and biases. The platform works to moderate productive discourse by allowing people to choose what quality of conversation they engage by choosing which biases and fallacies etc. they will consciously exclude in conversation. In addition these sections will serve to identify and discuss bias or fallacy where it becomes present in media or discourse.

The platform represent pluralism in viewpoints and sourcing by allowing users to attach an affiliation tag with their profile admitting bias which will provide for displaying consensus and analysis or adversarial collaboration among diverse viewpoints in reviews and site voting.

As ElectedPress continues to grow and develop, we will work to build tools that help local and independent news outlets, journalists and publishers to flourish. But most importantly of all, as a platform for the most independent news outlet of all, the voice of the individual citizen, we will work to create a platform where people can collaborate together across political differences in order to paint a clearer more accurate picture of the world and create a more accountable, honest and prosperous society.

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