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Research has shown that employees with close connections at work are more productive, creative, and collaborative. They’re also more satisfied with their job, less susceptible to burnout, and less likely to leave. Managers can create the conditions for work friendships to flourish through three simple actions. First, make it easier for employees to identify commonalities. When you introduce a new hire, share colorful details about their personal interests in your welcome message. This will show you care about them as people, and make it easier for them to bond with others who share the similar interests. Second, you can highlight shared goals. Draw attention to projects that require a team effort or emphasize how your goals can only be achieved by working together. Finally, turn tension into connection. Disagreements can offer a lot of value, including more creative solutions, better decision-making, and higher performance. You can turn moments of tension into connection by recommitting to work together (“I bet we can figure this out”), acknowledging people’s contributions (“You clearly put a lot of work into this”) or valuing their expertise (“I’ve always appreciated your insight into clients”).

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