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ElectedPress is a platform for news enthusiasts who value honesty and transparency in news and journalism to discover the local and independent news outlets they value. The platform was made to provide a forum for civil discussion and debate and basic way for people to not only create and share media and but learn to become better journalists themselves. Sign Up Here

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Creating quality news and analysis independently is a costly and time consuming endeavor. Finding and funding those news outlets and journalists to create coverage on important issues is more important then ever. ElectedPress helps people find and fund the news stories and journalists they care about most.   

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Transparency and accountability begins at the local level where people have the most positive influence and effect for their lives and communities. ElectedPress works to provide a place for local communities to find and fund the news and publishers most important to them. 

Influence News & Media Narratives

Gone are the days of gatekeepers feeding you the information they want. 

With media literacy becoming common, citizens have the critical thinking skills to curate and discern the accuracy of news information themselves, driving and controlling the flow of news and information.

Media Literacy Courses

The concepts of news and media literacy as well as standards and practices in news and media production are integrated into the ElectedPress community in order to facilitate more transparent standards in discussion and civil discourse.

Find All The Information – You Decide The Truth

ElectedPress works to provide a forum for civil discussion on important news events creating a space for all important and relevant information to be made available. 

This is to allow a look at “all“ the information and viewpoint in order for one to decide the truth on their own. Create an Account!