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Please support us in building a new town square for civil discourse to promote news and information in the pubic interest!

ElectedPress is a revolutionary crowd contested multimedia platform and news discovery network that is building tools in media literacy for the public to gain better skills, insights and ability in news dissemination and production and to help local and independent news outlets, journalists and publishers gain more exposure and credibility with their news or subject related audiences.

Free Speech and a Free Press are fundamental to free and democratic societies. Having accurate news and information is essential to individuals and communities in order to make informed decisions in lives and communities.

ElectedPress is a platform where the people control news and media narratives by providing the tools to determine what information is accurate for themselves and escalate those events and news stories most valuable to them.

ElectedPress seeks to reinvigorate process and methodology in news and journalism genres (such as objective or investigative journalism) by providing the public interest channels of accountability and transparency in news production methods