About ElectedPress

ElectedPress is a crowd-contested multimedia publishing platform and archive. The site works to bolster the influence and plurality of local news and independent journalism and focuses to proliferate honest, transparent and source centric citizen news and journalism.


The platform works to facilitate civil discourse and debate, increase news and media literacy, dissolve echo chamber effects and distribute influence over news and media narratives to the general public.


The platform helps to organize and disseminate news and media content by qualifying and leveraging a specialized community and userbase to source, research, verify, corroborate and analyze news and media content in real-time.


Readers can interact with content metrics and attributes in order to identify factual inaccuracies, logical fallacies and bias in so producing better feedback mechanisms to contextualize the accuracy, veracity and credibility of given news content.


ElectedPress stives to:

  • Maintain a forum for civil discussion and analysis on important news event and subject matters
  • Facilitate methods to verify, corroborate, dispute and archive source material
  • Strengthen News & Media Literacy
  • Dissolve echo chambers
  • Democratize News & Media narratives

Media Literacy

Healthy democracy is based on an informed and critically aware citizen.


Because the origins of misinformation cannot be eliminated, the best approach to resolve this is a equipping individuals with the critical thinking abilities to spot false or mis-leading information at its origin.


The same way traditional literacy (learning to read and write) has been a benefit to the advancement of humankind, media literacy takes the benefits of traditional literacy to the next logical steps by expanding ones ability to more accurately and critically interpret words in order to take rational action. Media literacy and the critical thinking skills associated can unleash the benefits of human ingenuity and beneficial effects on society.


The Media Literacy section on ElectedPress is a dedicated section on the platform that aims to educate users on media literacy, critical thinking, and fact-checking skills. It aims to provide users with the tools and knowledge to consume and evaluate news and media content in a more informed and critical way.


The Media Literacy section covers topics such as media bias, propaganda, and fake news, and provides users with tips and strategies for identifying and avoiding these types of content.


By promoting media literacy on the platform, ElectedPress hopes to create a more informed and discerning community of readers and encourage a higher standard of journalism and news reporting.





Quality, transparency and accountability of source material is a critical element in the production of news and journalism.


!Sources create a central repository where source material can be corroborated, verified and undergo public dissemination and discussion.


!Source profiles are created based on articles, videos and other medias types which allow the public to view and corroborate consistent meta-data across social and media channels.


!Sources create a record of discussion on a media item in an attempt to contextualize and verify the who, what, when, where and why of an event in the past, present or future.

Users can verify and interact with or complete missing meta-data to create expanded clarity and contextualization through publicly scrutinizing the authenticity of such source material and compiled meta-data.


For the purpose of transparency and data integrity, certain known and verified data obtained about source material such as time/date of entry on the site cannot be changed, while other data points may be updated and verified or cross referenced through public query and collaboration if more accurate or updated information is found.

Any materialization and/or edits of source data points should be logged for public record and transparency.



##Pools are open subject focused threads created to help dissolve echo-chamber effects by allowing articles, media and news content to be posted and discussed providing the viewer a diversity of news sources, analysis and commentary on a given news topic for dissemination and historical record.

##Pools in ElectedPress are a way for users to discover a wide range of news sources and analysis related to a specific topic. By manually adding a ##Pools keywords to their content, publishers can help their content be included in a dedicated thread with other similar topic-related content.

This helps to reduce the echo chamber effect, where users only see news and content that aligns with their preexisting beliefs, and instead exposes them to a more diverse range of perspectives.

Keeping everyone on the same page, ##Pools, work to transpose an otherwise opaque and inorganic algorithmic effect in the display of news content.

This provides the user a simplified and organized access to a stronger diversity, array and variety of news sources, analysis and dialogue within any given news subject and functions to reduce the echo chamber effect by creating a more ubiquitous level of news awareness which can be shared across the general public.

Tip: ##Pools are created using a double hashtag ## and include the dedicated subject text directly after. ( example: ##PoolSubject )

Community Guidelines

The moderation policy for ElectedPress is designed to foster respectful, meaningful and informative conversations and content that adhere to journalistic standards of accuracy and honesty.


To ensure that our community is a welcoming and respectful place for all, we ask that you follow these guidelines.


As a community, we strive to:

  • Maintain a forum for civil discussion and analysis on important news events and subject matters
  • Facilitate methods to verify, corroborate, dispute, and archive source material
  • Strengthen news and media literacy
  • Dissolve echo chambers
  • Democratize news and media narratives

All users of the platform, including journalists, publishers and commentators, must adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. Respect the truth: All content and commentary must be based on factual information and must avoid logical fallacies, distortions and misleading statements.
  2. Respect others: All interactions on the platform must be respectful and refrain from personal attacks, speech that promotes violent harm or discrimination against a particular group of people based on their identity.
  3. Respect the purpose of the platform: ElectedPress is a platform for news and journalism, and all content and commentary must stay focused on relevant and important topics. Off-topic or spammy content will not be tolerated.
  4. Disclose conflicts of interest: If a user has a personal or professional interest in a topic being discussed, they must disclose this in their content or commentary.

Violations of these guidelines may result in moderation action, including the removal of content or the suspension or termination of a user’s account. Moderation decisions will be made by the ElectedPress community, with input from the moderation team and consideration of the overall health and integrity of the platform.


We believe that our community members are responsible and trustworthy, and we rely on you to help us maintain a positive and respectful environment. If you see any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior, please report it to the moderators.


ElectedPress is committed to transparency and will make every effort to ensure that moderation actions are fair, consistent and based on the guidelines outlined above. If a user believes they have been unfairly moderated, they may appeal the decision through the appropriate channels.



If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our support team at support@electedpress.com