About ElectedPress

ElectedPress is a crowd contested multimedia publishing platform and archive.

The site works to bolster the influence and plurality of local news and independent journalism and focuses to proliferate honest, transparent and source based citizen news and journalism.

ElectedPress puts an emphasis on local and national news outlets as well as independent journalists by bringing transparency to their disclosure in methodologies, editorial guidelines and conflicts of interest such as ownership structure.

Readers can hold news outlets accountable through content critique and review and legitimate news outlets can demonstrate their commitment to their viewers and readers by staying accountable to their methodologies.

The platform works to facilitate civil discourse and debate, increase news and media literacy, dissolve echo chamber effects and distribute influence over news and media narratives to the general public.

ElectedPress stives to:

  • Maintain a forum for civil discussion and analysis on important news event and subject matters.
  • Facilitate methods to verify, corroborate, dispute and archive source material.
  • Strengthen News & Media Literacy.
  • Dissolve echo chambers.
  • Democratize News & Media narratives.